Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a is for apple

Little man started school last week, let's ignore the fact that there has only been oh 10 posts since this time last year.  He's growing up.  This year he's in the two class at preschool next year we'll be touring college campuses.  

He started crying again at drop off.  We were doing pretty good at the end of summer session.  I had to walk him in and hand him to someone but the last few weeks we hadn't seen any tears.  But boy are they back now.  They tell me it doesn't last too long and every time I've walked in he is happily playing with all the other boys around the garage with the cars and monster trucks.

The girls are playing in the other corner with the dolls and kitchen, or up checking out who's coming in and what they are doing there.  Nosy nellies those little girls are, it starts so early and never ends!

We are fortunate that we found a school with great teachers and a great bunch of friends for Cohen.  It sure makes drop off and the tears that come along at that time easier to bear. 

The dog in case anyone is wondering is for sale for 50 bucks, according to the Mr.  Actually he's doing quite well and at times I can see where he is learning the ropes and will make a great dog, other times I find myself on craigslist making a dog for sale ad...kidding.  He keeps me company when the kid is napping, like now.  He makes the little man's day by jumping on the trampoline with him and chasing after him when he's riding on his power wheels.  I think he is a great addition to the family, one day the Mr. might even agree and you can bet your bottom's dollar he will hear a big "I told you so" when he does.

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