Saturday, August 11, 2012


What a better way to make a come back than to introduce you to the newest member to the fam.  Please meet Titus.

We brought him home the week of the Fourth of July and he has definitely been a handful ever since.  I obviously had forgotten what it was like to have a puppy in the house.  Or maybe we just got lucky the other times around.  Or maybe life with a puppy and a 2.5 year old is different than life with just a puppy.  I suspect a little of all three.

He was without a name for a brief period and truth be told I don't think any of us are completely sold on the name.  after he had been here two weeks the hubs was trying to change it.  A couple days ago I was asking why didn't we name him Tucker.  Honestly I think Tucker would've been better.  Oh well Titus it is.  In four years we won't think anything of it...or we will still be asking why didn't we name him such and such.

He is one smart cookie.  I taught him "leave it" in two days.  He will also sit while you make his food bowl, and politely wait until you say "eat".  We are still working on it, I'll admit, however this morning he did it flawlessly.  He is a fetch champion, if fetch doesn't require one to bring the fetching item back to the thrower but instead run around the thrower, lay down, and immediately start chomping of the fetching item.  We are obviously still working on this too.  

A bit of a side note...this picture reminds me so much of Buckwheat and makes me a bit sad, I must admit.

I must say I'm looking forward to years down the road to see the bond that Cobra and this little guy will hopefully share.

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