Monday, February 28, 2011

milestones and memories

Since the point of this here blog is to capture our beloved memories, I've decided that on every Monday I would try to give a little update on what the kid can do now.  Yeah I know super boring for any readers but hey this is going to make it into a book one day and these are the things I'll want to read about.

So here goes nothing...Cohen has recently learned where his tongue and ears are.  When asked where his tongue is he will stick it out, almost like he's trying to touch his nose with it and start making a la la la la la noise, and not a nice sweet la la la, oh no a la la la sound that a big burly monster would make.  I can proudly say I taught him this, all but the touching the nose bit, I totally made the la la la noise when I started trying to get him to do it.  I don't know why he started trying to touch his nose with his tongue but sure enough every time he does it the same way.  The ears...well he still needs work on the ears.  He did it beautifully at first.  Ask him where those ears are and bam he'd start tuggin' at them.  The tuggin' turned into sticking his thumbs in his ears, and slowly that has turned into just sticking his thumbs on his cheeks.  The other "mommy thinks is super cute" thing he does is he recently started clapping.  Yeah I know my kid is almost 15 months old and I am so proud that he just recently learned this.  It's not even so much that he has learned to clap, of which his cousin who is only 4 days older has been doing for at least 6 months now, it's that he claps at himself.  His latest is that he stacks things on top of one another and looks at me so proud and claps, to which I start clapping and say YAH!!!  Goofball, that one is.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

just another day

It has been a fairly uneventful day around here.  It's been dreary and overcast all day, so what else is there to do when it looks like it's about to rain at any minute?  Why go outside and play, what else?

My little goober...This boy could stay outside all day.  As a matter of fact he throws the most horrible tantrums when we come inside.  I can't believe I make my kid come inside and eat lunch, oh the horror.  Hey at least he didn't fall off the slide onto his face today.  Guess he's planning on waiting until the scratches from yesterday's fall heal.  Reagan has finally found benefit number 2 of having a little bit in the house, the first being all the food she manages to score under the table.

She loves being outside just as much as he does I think, especially now that the birds are starting to make their way back.  All in all it was just a peaceful sorta day.
What's that..."what was my favorite part?" you ask.  This...
This totally doesn't happen often.  In fact I can't remember when the last time Cobra feel alseep on either the Mr. or myself.  He isn't one for cuddling.  To get him to sleep we generally just lay him down and he cries for about 5 minutes then is out like a light, occasionally, not often but every now and again he will drift off peacefully without the tears.  Either way it's in his crib and away from my arms.  He just won't fall asleep anymore with us holding him, we've tried...a lot.  So today when I sensed that he was just too far see he refused to take his morning nap so he was dead, I hopped onto the couch with the little guy and Tabatha on the tube.  It wasn't long before he was out cold.  Makes me wonder if he's mine, I mean really no kid of mine would fall alseep during reality tv.  So there you have it my dirty little secrets.  I'm a mean mother because I make my kid come inside and cry himself to sleep and the darkest secret of all is that I'm a reality tv junkie, but really who isn't these days.

 Love ya little guy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

i'm raising a reader...

{ok so first let me say, how pitiful is it that I just saw a flower van slow down in front of my house and for a moment I got super excited?  Now I'm not trying to hate on those who enjoy a nice bouquet from the hubs every now and again, this just isn't me.  I'm not a flower person, I don't want/need the Mr. to get me flowers.  However I do love the idea of a fresh bouquet sitting on my kitchen table, which I suppose is why I got a little happy.  Hmm maybe I'll send myself a bouquet of tulips, better wait until I get that table cleaned off though.}

Anyway back to my reader...I'm raising a reader and I couldn't be more proud.  Yeah sure by the time he's 3 he prob won't even know what a book is let alone sit down for 5 minutes to flip through one but oh how sweet the sight is of Cobra sitting in the middle of a pile of books, even if it does only last a few more months.
We read each night, honestly it's more because I have convinced myself this calms and quites the little guy down before bed (it hasn't been working lately though shhh...don't tell the Mr. I think he's waiting on me to admit this).  Yeah so annnyway, this Momma, she don't let her baby play with the books.  I don't know what it is, for the longest time I have had this thing for books, and can you keep a secret????  I don't even read half, heck a quarter of the books I buy.  I just love how a bookcase full of books looks...or maybe how it makes me look, like I'm some super smart nerd who reads all the time.  Well how good does a bookshelf look with dented, chewed up, torn books....not great I tell ya, which is why I deprive my child of playing with his books.  We were given some hand-me-down books and since those are already a bit worn he is allowed freedom play with those but not my gold encrusted, brand spanking new, shiny board books...oh no not these.
And for the record, I didn't have to clean up to take this picture...ok maybe just a tiny bit but really I am anal about the books and a majority of the time this is how they look.  I'm not kidding.  The other night we were putting up the books we had read to Cohen at bedtime and as I was putting each one up just so, Jody asked if they went back in a certain order.  Embarrassed I said no not really and just laid them down on the shelf.  Now if I could only get OCD about the rest of the house sigh....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

the glorious nap time

Hear that....sanity I tell you. The Mr. is gone and the little Mr. (or mr. hahaha, I crack myself up) is down for a nap. It took some time, about a year to be exact but I finally have Cobra on a schedule. My reward is about 1.5 to 2 hours of me each day. Most often that 1.5 to 2 hours of me is more like 1.5 to 2 hours of laundry, dishes, toy clean up, dusting, ok you get the point, but today with it being the weekend and all I'm taking this time all to myself, well really I'm going to post this then go get my butt on the elliptical, unless of course I can stretch this out for the entire length of the nap in which case oops I didn't have time to get on the elliptical.

We have been lovin' this weather. It was 75 degrees yesterday, and was actually slightly hot in the sun. Yeah I know death should come upon me for actually saying that right? For the record I'm not actually complaining, I'm just saying. I'm so tired of the winter too trust me. We have been taking complete advantage of it.  Cobra loves being outside.

As does Reagan.

He's getting so big; my little walker.  Yes, just in case you were wondering, these pictures were taken on the same day.  And yes he's wearing two different shirts.  The brown shirt was prior to lunch in which I decided to let him try dipping his chicken nuggets in the honey mustard sauce himself.  The green shirt after the lunch in which he dipped his chicken nuggets as well as his entire hands and a couple little people toys in the honey mustard sauce himself then proceeded to get it all over his brown shirt, face, hair, chair, you name it.  And yes when we had nuggets for supper I let him dip himself again.  Hey a kid's gotta learn for himself, Momma can't go to kindergarten with him just to dip his chicken.

Friday, February 18, 2011

the beginning...again

So you're probably asking yourself why I'm setting myself up for failure again aren't you? Who am I kidding, it's not like anyone read the previous blog(s), so it's not like you know that I'm doing this again. Ok so let's start again, bet you're asking yourself why I'm setting myself up for failure huh? That's better. I've been blog lusting again. This happens to me every so often. I stumble across a totally hip and awesome blog and want to be that woman, or man it's just that I'm generally drawn to blogs by gals, and think to myself maybe if I start up an awesome blog I can become her, or him but again generally her. The problem is that I haven't stuck to a blog long enough yet to see if I will change into her. I fail miserably by at least the 3rd month...ok ok the 3rd week. This time its going to be different though, this time I have a goal and a way to reward myself if I met that goal, thanks to aforementioned lusting....this. I AM GOING TO DO THIS UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR! I CAN DO THIS! This is what I have to keep telling myself because I so dearly want that reward of my blog all pretty, printed, and bound. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this...