Tuesday, May 31, 2011

watch out he's now on wheels

Oh how my child is growing up.  He got his first bike last week. 

His super cool Aunt Heather bought it for him.  I swear the kid knew it was his as soon as the UPS man rang the bell.  I wasn't planning on opening it until the Mr. got home that evening.  

Oh no, the brown box was opened prior to nap time and the bike itself was opened and put together just shortly after said nap.

Look at that kick a.. bike!  Aunt Heather says the cool KTM racing stickers will make him go faster.  In my mind 
faster = more broken bones.
But really is a man a man without a few broken bones in his youth?  I think not!

His first fall...

well actually his second.  Dad is responsible for his first.  I wish I could say that this picture is blurry because the kid was moving, but no.  It's blurry because the hubs took it.  The white those are my fault.

The hubs pictures.  I must remember to put the camera on auto when I give it to him.  You may not be able to tell in all the pictures, the small size hides it in some, but they are all out of focus.  I also must remember to get some tan in a can and never wear a v-neck when helping the little guy ride his bike (half the pics were boob shots, lovely).

Monday, May 23, 2011

oatmeal applesauce cookies

Well it's Monday, and here is another not so memory, not so milestone post.  In fact it's another recipe.  Unlike the last it doesn't have a memory attached though.  However maybe a memory will grow in the future.  The hubs and I really enjoy this cookie and today was Cohen's first time trying them.  He ate two before supper and a half after.  So who knows maybe this will be a cookie I often have waiting on him when he gets off the bus down the road.  Yeah yeah I know I'm stretching to make it fit into the milestone/memory monday.

On to the recipe already...

Not Iced Oatmeal Applesauce Cookies
(without the raisins please)

4 tablespoons butter
1 cup light brown sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 egg
1/2 cup chunky style applesauce
1 1/2 cup old fashioned oats
1 1/4 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt

Cream butter and sugars.  Add egg and applesauce, mix until blended approx. 2-3 minutes.  Mix in oats, flour, soda, powder, & salt.  Using a 1 1/2 inch ice cream scoop, drop dough onto baking sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees for 13-15 minutes.

So I guess now is where I should say that this recipe is not my own.  I know shocker right?  It's Martha's.  She makes her's with an icing, I was too lazy to make it the first time I made them.  They tasted fine without so I've been lazy ever since.  Also she puts raisins in her's.  I don't eat raisins.  I blame my mother.  I blame my mother for not liking rice for 22 years as well.  I mean really how can you eat it when your mother talks about how it looks like maggots.  It really messed me up, that is until I overcame it.  Now I eat rice, and all is well.  I still don't eat raisins though.  At least I eat bananas!

Make them, then eat them.  You will like them.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

bulldozers and shovels

With the warm weather we have been hangin outside a good bit lately.  Since the lil man is constantly digging in the bark in the flower beds I decided he would benefit from a sand box.  It didn't take long to force convince the Mr. to build one.  I supposed the fact that the animals use the flower beds as a restroom did help to convince the Mr.  And build one we did, well he did.  

In my defense I was helping hold the landscape timbers until I was attacked by ants.  After three bites, I promoted myself from lackey to supervisor.  And from there the task went perfectly.  

I watched, occasionally pointing and the Mr., he worked.  

If you ask him, I'm sure he will tell you that this is how a majority of the jobs go around the house.  On second thought don't ask, he may tell you the whole truth, which may or may not include some yelling on my part.

The important thing is little man seems to like it.  I'm sure my wood floors don't like all that sand that is bound to be tracked in but that's what vacuums are for right?  

Monday, May 16, 2011

it's monday again

That could only mean one thing.  It's memories and milestone time. 

The kid has been jabbering for a couple of months now.  Everyone keeps saying "he's going to be talking soon".  Well I wanna know what soon is in terms of days or weeks.  He is slowly picking up new words.  The first word that he's said, and used for any length of time was tractor.  I think that fact alone would put us in the category of a redneck family.  He has said words in the past like Reagan, but it only lasts a few days to a week.  He is also saying duck and truck and I'm thinking that's it for right now.  

Anytime he sees a cow he will moo.  Sometimes when he sees a horse he will moo, sometimes he will neigh.  What can I say he's hooked on mooing.  

He loves Word World.  Yes I know this makes me a bad mother, for letting my child watch TV, but if you've been reading the old blog you know this isn't the only thing that makes me a bad mother.  
He recognizes letters.  He doesn't know any of the letters, he just knows they are letters.  He loves the alphabet. He loves to hear it sung and is starting to sing along now.  He also just loves letters.  He points them out and says "b", which I've decided is his term for ABC's.

He is also able to turn out quite the tantrum, complete with throwing himself on the floor and kicking and screaming.  Case in point the Michaels trip last week.  I've started letting him walk around stores instead of riding in the cart, if it's going to be a quick trip, well I was planning on being in and out of Michaels.  It would have been a quick in and out too, had the kid participated.  We start out in the paper aisle.  I just needed a few sheets then we'd be moving on.  Well Cobra decided he needed some of Martha Stewart's glitter.  And I don't know if you've bought any of Martha's glitter but with it being Martha and all it comes in a glass bottle.  Obviously the kid didn't need it.  So after trying to convince the little guy why he needed to come with me, and walking off saying bye (when does this ever work?), I grabbed the kid from off the floor where he had been on his belly screaming, tossed him under my arm...still screaming, and headed to the paint brushes.  Then we proceed to play the whole game all over again.  
Me telling him to get up.  Him laying on his belly screaming.  Me pretending to walk away.  Him seeing his new freedom and running from here to there touching everything.  Me trying to entice him with the paper and brushes I'm buying.  Him not falling for it, but falling on the floor screaming again.  Me picking him up and running for the register.  
Oh what fun that was.  See Heather it's not just your kid.  The tantrums are perfectly normal...they are aren't they???

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

april 27, 2011

I know I've been missing for a while.  I had a few posts in my head all ready to be put into writing.  Then the tornadoes came through.  While we live right outside Tuscaloosa, we were very fortunate.  We received no damage, not to our house, our cars, or most importantly ourselves.  The storm went north of us after it left Tuscaloosa.  Our hearts have felt the pain though, to see our town in pieces, literally parts are nothing but rubble, and to see so many lose their houses and even family, I just can't imagine what people are and have gone through these past weeks.

Needless to say after so much despair egg hunting pictures or the now and then pictures just didn't seem that important.  I couldn't bring myself to blog.  The everyday stuff seemed so frivolous and the aftermath of the storm is literally indescribable, I couldn't find the words.

I hope that this post, as weak as it may be, has let me sort of clear the air and I will be able to move on, at least in the blog world, and get back to posting.  It just didn't seem right to go back to posting like normal with out at least giving acknowledgement however minute it may be.  Our hearts are with those who were affected by the storms all across the southeast.  It is a day we will always remember.